14 Haziran 2016



Artisan is a brand company basediswhich specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality metal products.

We are a trend-setting group with products we develop in our own sector. Exporting all of our products to countries such as the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, which are at the peak of consumer expectations, and whose boundaries are challenging for customer satisfaction. We are keep increasing our business volume by awareness and sensitivity of customer satisfaction that our experienced cadre shows even though market conditions are getting harder each passing year.

When we decided to carry our artisandis metalwork experience into eyewear sector then we bought Saray Optik A.Ş. which was making production under the name of Luxar brand in 2009 and built high-tech brand new factory in Bogazliyan/Yozgat with the motto of “The People Always Deserve the Best”. We continue our high quality production with the same philosophy as a leading brand in Turkey.

Our Introductory Video